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Documenting theatre + performing arts, events, businesses, films, and creative projects.

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I'm a videographer (and photographer) based in Poultney, Vermont. Tell me the story you want to put into motion, and I'll grab my camera. Hit me with your ideas. Your anxieties. Your excitement. And we'll make it happen. I'm all about a collaborative process, so even if you have just a spark of an idea, we'll turn that into a feeling into embers...and then start building the fire of a story.


Hiyo, I'm                 your newest third wheel.

asleep until 10am
awake until 2am

i'll bring the s'mores
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There's only so much that a photograph can capture. And I think about how much life that radiates from ones that move, which is why you're here, isn't it? To capture and create MORE than a frozen moment. To be able to move stillness. To feel the warmth illuminating in front of us as the people or places around us did when I hit record. To show others...or to keep as flickering embers to ourselves. Whatever we create will continue.

Life is always in motion, so it makes sense to capture it that way.

Moving pictures.

sounds good

Sometimes where we start doesn't always lead us to where we thought! I'm totally down to bounce ideas off each other at 10pm while we're demolishing some snacks. Trust in my experience and craft, too!

You have an open mind


If this is "more than just a video" for you, you're already speaking my language. Conveying and sparking emotion stems from authenticity. Let's be honest with our viewer, and let them feel.

You want to create something honest


Even if it's just a glimpse of an idea, we can start there and run with it. If you need a little extra help figuring things out, I'm here for it. I'll be your Obi-Wan through this process if you need.

You have a story


for you if...


I'm the 

- Ryan M.

The real deal. It was my pleasure to have worked with Martin on a “docu-theatre” project. We asked him to film footage for my new play Second Sight. The finished product included interviews, rehearsal clips, and performance footage - all captured with enthusiasm, talent, and creativity. He welcomed ideas from the creative team and offered many of his own that improved the product beyond our original vision. The footage he captured - despite difficult lighting circumstances - is gorgeous. He spent hours editing a massive amount of footage. Not only that, he traveled 45 minutes to our venue multiple times without fuss. His talents have seriously aided in my effort to promote the play to the theatre community. Martin is an intelligent artist with a rare capacity for creative collaboration. Having him involved in your project would make it 100-times more fantastic and professional.  

- Cydney K.

Martin is the absolute best person to work with! Not only is he open to any ideas you have to make your vision come to life, he finds ways to make it better and brings his own ideas and creativity to the table. I worked with Martin on something extremely personal; my One Women Show at the end of my college career. It was all complete vulnerability and he provided me ways to not only showcase what I wanted, but to make it better then I could have ever imagined. My creative dreams came to life thanks to him.

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